African Operations

African Operations


Quantum Foods acquired one of the two biggest egg producers in Zambia and now has the full layer value chain in Zambia, from feeds to eggs. Its operations comprise parent rearing, parent laying, hatchery, feed mixing and commercial layer facilities.

A project to develop a new rearing farm and convert the previous rearing facilities into laying facilities is in progress and will be completed in 2016. This is projected to increase the egg production in Chingola by 23 million eggs per year. During the 2015 financial year, Quantum Foods Zambia commenced production of table eggs on a rental facility in Chipata in eastern Zambia

Management estimates that Quantum Foods is currently the second biggest supplier of table eggs in Zambia and intends to expand its production.


Operations in Uganda comprise of parent rearing, parent laying, hatchery and a feed mixing facility.

Quantum Foods Uganda initiated an expansion project that should be completed during 2016. The project includes a rearing and laying facility and a feed mill, located near Masindi, in western Uganda.


During September 2016, Quantum Foods Mozambique completed the acquisition of a layer farm in the Maputo province.

The farm has a capacity for 180 000 layer hens, and the eggs are sold to the formal and informal markets in and around Maputo.