The Quantum Foods Zambia operations now comprise of parent rearing, parent laying, hatchery, feed mixing, and commercial rearing and laying facilities.

Quantum Foods operates a broiler and layer breeder business (selling day-old chicks), a table egg business and a feed business. In Lusaka, there is a parent breeding facility for layers and breeders, a hatchery and a feed mill.

The breeding facility produces day-old pullets and day-old broiler chicks. Day-old pullets are supplied to the Chingola layer rearing farm as well as to the external market, while day-old broiler chicks are all sold to the external market. The table egg business, comprising a layer rearing farm, layer farm with egg packing facility and feed mill is located in the Copperbelt.

Both of these facilities sell feed to the external market.

Quantum Foods Zambia’s head office is located in Lusaka. The distribution capacity of the Zambia business is enhanced by a network of over 30 small retail shops that sell eggs, day-old chicks and feed. The majority of eggs are sold through these shops which ensure easy access for the consumer.

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