Company Overview

Quantum Foods is a diversified feed and poultry business that provides quality animal protein to selected South African and African markets.

The Group is listed on the JSE main board in the “Farming and Fishing” sector under the share code QFH.

Quantum Foods has fully integrated egg and broiler businesses with access to superior genetics in both fields. The Feed Producing Unit has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and a strategic alliance with an international company to ensure cutting edge technology transfer.

Quantum Foods’ head office is situated in the town of Wellington in the Western Cape.

The company was established as a means to benefit from the bran off-take of the Pioneer Group’s milling business – today it is a self-contained business and has four focus areas:

  • Animal Feeds
  • Eggs & Layer Livestock
  • Broilers
  • Related business in the rest of Africa

The business units of Quantum Foods include:

South African Footprint:

Animal Feeds

The animal feeds business unit, Nova Feeds, was established in 1963 and focuses on animal nutrition. It supplies feed solutions to the in-house poultry operation as well as external customers in the Poultry, Dairy, Sheep, Ostrich, Pig and Cattle feed segments.

Eggs & Layer Livestock

Eggs are sold under the Nulaid, Safe Eggs Quantum, and retailers’ own brands, while layer livestock (day-old chicks and point-of-lay hens of the Lohmann breed) are sold under the Bergvlei Chicks brand. Quantum Foods is the largest producer of eggs in South Africa.

Nulaid produces point of lay birds for own use and sale to external customers.

Broiler Business

The Group closed its Gauteng Abattoir in Gauteng.

This has resulted in the alignment of the broiler value chain with the strategy, with the Group having exited the broiler meat market entirely to focus on its position as a significant contract grower in South Africa.

The Group also sells broiler hatching eggs and broiler day-old chicks to the market to ensure that its broiler breeder production capacity is utilised efficiently.

African Footprint:

Quantum Foods has played a part in growing business in Africa since 1996. We have sold poultry livestock in Namibia, Botswana, Malawi, Angola, Zambia, Uganda and Tanzania. Today, Quantum Foods are actively running businesses in Zambia, Uganda, and Mozambique.


Quantum Foods Zambia commenced trade in 1997. Operations are conducted in two areas in the country, namely Lusaka and Chingola. In Lusaka, there is a parent breeding facility, a hatchery and a feed mill. Quantum Foods Zambia’s commercial egg operation is located near Chingola in the Copperbelt and produces under the Mega Eggs brand.


Quantum Foods Uganda commenced operations in 2000 and currently manages three farms located near Kampala and a farm in the Masindi area to the north of Kampala. The Kampala farms comprise of parent rearing and breeding facilities and a hatchery. The farm in the Masindi area comprises of commercial layer rearing and laying facilities and a feed mill.


Quantum Foods Mozambique operates a commercial laying facility in the Maputo province which supplies both the formal retail and informal markets. The business was acquired in September 2016 and operates under the Galovos brand.