Hendrik Albertus Lourens (55)

BCom (Hons), MCom, BProc

Chief Executive Officer

Hennie was appointed as executive of Quantum Foods in 2007, while it was a division of Pioneer Foods. He commenced his services with Pioneer Foods as the human resources manager for Bokomo in 1996 and was later appointed as general manager for the Sasko Grain Business. He has been in the FMCG industry for over 20 years.

André Hugo Muller (48)


Chief Financial Officer

André has been with Quantum Foods since 2003. André joined Quantum Foods while it was a division of Pioneer Foods. He started at Nulaid as financial manager and was later appointed as the farming operations manager for Nulaid, a position he held for four years. André spent a year as national sales and marketing manager for Tydstroom before being appointed as head of finance for Quantum Foods in 2012.

Roelof Viljoen (52)


Executive: Supply Chain

Roelof has been with Quantum Foods since 2008. Roelof was a financial manager and a sales manager at Sasko Grain, before joining Quantum Foods while it was still a division of Pioneer Foods. He has 17 years’ experience in the food industry, of which nine years were spent in the poultry industry. Roelof was appointed in his current role in 2016.

Marthinus Petrus van Lill (48)

BCompt (Hons), SAIPA (PA)

Executive: Feed Business

Thinus has been with Nova Feeds since 1997, while it was still a division of Pioneer Foods. He has since progressed from a financial manager to the executive responsible for Feeds. He has 21 years’ experience in the animal feeds and poultry industry.

Adel Deidré van der Merwe (47)

BCom Management Accounting

Executive: Egg Business

Adel has been with Quantum Foods since 2008. Adel started out in the corporate finance department of Pioneer Foods in 1995 and moved to central procurement where she spent the bulk of her time involved in raw materials and commodities procurement. In 2008, she joined Nova Feeds while it was still a division of Pioneer Foods. She joined the Eggs business during 2016. She has more than eight years’ experience in the animal feeds and food industry.

James Joseph Murray (62)

National Diploma in Agricultural Extension and Soil Conservation

Executive: Broilers & Layer Livestock

Jimmy has been with Quantum Foods since 2013. Jimmy has 37 years’ experience in the poultry industry. Most of his early experience was gained at Rainbow Chicken Ltd in various senior farming production roles. After Rainbow Chicken Ltd, he spent five years as managing director of Hy-Line SA (importer of Hy-Line grandparent layers), followed by five years as chief executive officer of Grendon (an integrated poultry operation in KwaZulu-Natal).

Heather Elizabeth Pether (50)

National Diploma in Human Resource Management

Executive: Human Resources

Heather has been with Quantum Foods since 2005. Heather has 22 years’ experience in the human resources field. She spent seven years as the human resources manager of Tydstroom while it was a division of Pioneer Foods. She was appointed as the executive responsible for human resources at Quantum Foods in 2012.

Jan Hendrik van Rhyn (53)

BEng, MSc, BCom (Hons)

Executive: Africa

Jannie has been with Quantum Foods since 2014. Jannie spent nine years with Naspers Ltd, during which time he was involved in many startup internet and internet related businesses in South Africa, China and a number of African countries. This includes Nigeria, where he was based for three years. Jannie was involved in projects, business development and operations in sub-Saharan Africa for 13 years. He joined Quantum Foods in November 2014 and is responsible for the business in the rest of Africa.

Lesego Amos Selaledi (41)

BAgric, BInstagrar (Hons), MPhil, BBA

Executive: Layer, Rearing, Breeding & Hatcheries

Amos joined Quantum Foods in 1999, while it was still a division of Pioneer Foods. He started at Nova Feeds as a technical specialist and joined Nulaid in 2003 as a technical manager. He then became regional manager then national manager before being appointed as the executive for layer farming in January 2017. He has 19 years’ experience in the poultry industry.