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Animal Feeds

Nova Feeds is a provider of scientifically formulated feeds to the South African market, including exports to neighbouring countries.

The main feed categories produced include poultry (broiler and layer), dairy, pig, ostrich and sheep feed. These are produced in production plants located in Malmesbury, Pretoria, George, and Paterson.

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Nulaid, the egg-layer division of Quantum Foods, is the largest egg producer in South Africa and the only national producer.

It has been voted as the number one egg brand in South Africa (Ask Afrika Icon Brand Surveyor egg category award for eight consecutive years).

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Layer & Broiler Farming

Quantum Foods owns the rights to import pedigree grandparent broiler stock of the Cobb 500 breed, which supplies next generation parent stock for its own requirements and non-exclusively for some customers in some other countries in Africa.

Day-old commercial broiler chicks are produced at the Group’s three hatcheries. The day-old chicks are transferred to commercial broiler farms, both company-owned and contract-grower farms.

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African Operations

Quantum Foods has played a part in growing business in Africa since 1996. We have sold poultry livestock in Namibia, Botswana, Malawi, Angola, Zambia, Uganda and Tanzania.

Today, Quantum Foods are actively running businesses in Zambia, Uganda, and Mozambique.