Responsible corporate citizenship, social responsibility, sound business practice and natural resource management are fundamental to Quantum’s sustainability, as well as creation of stakeholder value.

The group is committed to adding sustainable value for identified key stakeholders.

These specifically include:

  • Shareholders and investors;
  • Customers and consumers;
  • Suppliers and contractors;
  • Government and regulatory bodies;
  • Industry bodies;
  • Employees; and
  • Communities in the context of broader society.

Underscoring stakeholder value creation are ongoing stakeholder relationships, fundamental principles of which are inclusivity, materiality and responsiveness, as well as the understanding that stakeholder perceptions affect the group’s reputation. Such relationships ensure open, transparent and efficient communication with identified stakeholders and inform group strategy and related activities.

In the context of sustained value creation for all its stakeholders, Quantum’s engagement with its stakeholders includes:

  • An inclusive approach: consultation with stakeholders in developing and achieving an accountable and strategic response to sustainability
  • Materiality: determining the relevance and significance of issues to both the group and its stakeholders.
  • The materiality of issues concerns the legitimate interests and expectations of stakeholders in the context of the legal and strategic considerations of the business.
  • Responding appropriately to stakeholder issues through decisions, actions, performance and communication.

The board of directors delegates responsibility for proactively dealing with stakeholder relationships to the Executive committee.