The Quantum Foods Zambia operations now comprise of parent rearing, parent laying, hatchery, feed mixing, and commercial rearing and laying facilities.

The parent breeding facilities are located on a farm outside of Lusaka and produce day-old broiler and day-old layer chicks for the Zambian market. On the farm is a feed mill that produces feed for internal use as well as for the external market. In the Copperbelt close to Chingola, Quantum Foods Zambia operates a commercial layer rearing farm as well as a commercial laying farm. On the laying farm is a feed mill that supplies feed for internal use as well as external markets.

Quantum Foods Zambia’s head office is located in Lusaka and has a network of retail stores covering most of the provinces through which it sells its products, such as day-old broiler chicks, day-old layer chicks, table eggs and feed under the Mega brand of products.

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